Traditional Investigations

Some of these investigation types represent good niches for new PI's.

Fidelity / Divorce

Many investigators build websites dedicated to “infidelity” cases.  Since we’re optimists, we call them “fidelity cases”.  Surveilling and catching a cheating husband or wife is do-able, if that’s what you need to move on.  Our experience is that most people know what is happening, they just need the evidence to take the next step in their relationship and personal journey.  We offer non-judgmental support and professional investigations that will include a professional report with supporting film and pictures to document what we find out for you.  Retainers start at $1,500 for fidelity cases in the Austin-Metro area.

Missing Persons / Locates

For missing person situations, we offer both traditional investigations and FAST-ACTION RESPONSE TEAMS.

With traditional, 1-2 investigators will be assigned to locate the missing person and bring them home if desired. Retainers start at $1,000.

Fast-Action teams can include up to four investigators as well as volunteers, led by an experienced S&R Specialist.  Initial retainers for Fast-Action starts at $5,000 in the Austin-Metro area.

Retainers are non-refundable once we begin.

Criminal Defense

Criminal defense cases can included anything from murder to fraud, armed robbery, kidnapping, assault and more.  We do not do sexual assault defense cases but can recommend some excellent people who do.

STRIDER will work criminal defense investigations only in certain situations.  When we do engage, our team includes a former prosecutor turned PI, and multiple former law enforcement officers from local, federal and international agencies.  We investigate it thoroughly, leaving no stone unturned.

Starting retainer is $5,000 in the Austin-Metro area.

Bug Detection & Counter Surveillance

There are a variety of technologies now that are available not only to PI’s and law enforcement but also to the average citizen.  So if you think someone may be following you, listening (or watching) on your phone, or tracking your car, we can address this for you.  Services include phone and computer forensics, vehicle and home bug detection, and counter-surveillance (we will watch you to see if anyone is watching you).

If you feel you are being watched or followed, it is likely that you are.  Call us so we can figure out what is going on.

Cold Case

If you have an old case that never got resolved, we have veteran police detectives and prosecutors with experience in everything from murder to sexual assault to financial crimes.

Generally we will advise for free on a cold case to help you decide what to do.  To really work such a case requires a retainer of $7,500 to start.  Call us if we can help. We do not charge for consultations and can sometimes help you on your journey even if not as investigators on your team

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