Top Twenty Reasons To Hire a Private Investigator

(aka Twenty Things A Private Investigator Can Do For You)

Many people do not realize there are a variety of situations where PI’s can help.  Here are twenty things a good PI can do for you.

  1. Locate a long-lost friend, a relative you never met, or someone who owes you money.
  2. Collect evidence on a crime that was committed against you.  Potentially find the perpetrator.
  3. Collect evidence on a crime that you are accused of.  If there is an attorney involved, that evidence does not generally have to be revealed to the other side. (consult your attorney before taking action)
  4. Find a missing child, person, elderly person, or other.
  5. Investigate the loss of a pet.
  6. Help you find unclaimed assets in any of the 50 states.
  7. Do a background check on a new employee.
  8. Do a background check on a date…or a mate.
  9. Do a background check on a future executive, wife or husband, or anyone for whom you are considering a major relationship.
  10. Find lost assets such as a car, RV, or boat.
  11. Find lost assets such as cash, stocks, companies, trusts, anything that exists that is worth something.
  12. Investigate and determine how assets were lost and who did it.
  13. Investigate police actions.
  14. Find evidence that allows the police to make an arrest in an unsolved crime.
  15. Interact with the police regarding your case or situation or at least facilitate communication.
  16. Contact witnesses and victims in a crime and find out what they know or how they feel about it.  Sometimes this leads to case dismissal.
  17. Collect evidence that shows you have been wronged so you can pursue a civil lawsuit or a criminal charge.
  18. Work for an attorney and help them build a case on behalf of their client.
  19. Work directly for you but cooperate with the attorney on your behalf.
  20. Talk you through a difficult or dangerous problem and help you decide what to do about it.

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And be safe out there!