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by studying new techniques and practicing them in the areas of OSINT, surveillance, criminal investigations, undercover operations, and more.   We are constantly learning new ways to help our students.

Our team is experienced in all of the important areas of private investigations and investigative operations.

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Dave Amis

Owner, Lead Surveillance Instructor

Dave may be the only Colorado Ranger – Harvard MBA – Texas PI on the planet. 

Dave specializes in major case fraud and usually leads teams of 2-9 investigators, researchers, and administrators throughout Texas.  Previously Dave served as a Reserve Sheriff's Deputy, a Colorado Ranger (armed S&R), and as a police academy instructor.

Dave grew up in a family business with over $25M in sales.  In his prior career as an international business executive, he represented super wealthy families in the USA, Germany, and Norway.  When he’s not working cases, he lives in Cedar Park, Texas where he rescues German Shepherds.

He set up to help new private investigators get their careers started.



Lead Instructor - OSINT

Tuleta is an OSINT and computer investigations expert who is frequently interviewed by the media to discuss trends and techniques used by Private Investigators in the world of OSINT. Widely known in Texas for her skills as a successful criminal investigator, she lectures on many OSINT related topics for professional associations and law enforcement. Tuleta is a former 18-year FBI Agent and Supervisory Special Agent who specialized in Public Corruption and criminal matters. She is a graduate of the FBI Academy in Quantico,VA, and has a degree in Computer Science from Florida Gulf Coast University. 



Lead Instructor – Criminal Investigations

Brad is a former Police Chief, Detective-Sergeant, Watch Patrol Sergeant, SWAT Team Leader, and Police Officer. He has investigated most crimes including homicide, burglary, sexual assault, theft, assault, and more.  Prior to serving in law enforcement,  Brad searved in the US Army for nine years.  At StriderPI he specializes in surveillance and criminal investigations training. 



Assistant Instructor - OSINT

Amy is an OSINT Financial Asset Expert. She has an MLIS in business research and competitive intelligence, an MS in financial investigations, and is a Certified Fraud Examiner.  She has 5 years of civil litigation experience and 17 years in research including corporate, asset and historical/genealogical research.  Amy is a graduate of Strider Class #4.



Assistant Instructor - Surveillance

Class Coordinator

Maria is a USAF SSGT as well as a college student finishing her degree in criminal justice and forensic psychology. She has been with STRIDER for two years. She also works as a financial analyst in major fraud cases. Maria is a graduate of Strider Class #5. 



Assistant Instructor - Surveillance

Olivia has over 20 years of experience in security operations as both an officer and an operations manager.  Olivia is a graduate of Strider Class #5.



Assistant Instructor – Surveillance

Bryan is a former U.S. Army Combat Engineer and veteran.  He is a graduate of S.P.I.T. class #7A. Bryan currently works as a full-time surveillance agent for a national company.

Strider is always looking for new PI’s to join our profession.  If we can be of sevice on your journey, let us know how.  We are also always looking for instructors with substantial experience.

If you would like to join the Strider Team, please contact us by filling out our contact form.

Is Strider’s Team right for you?

In business, in the courts, and on the battlefield, we have dealt with crises and criminal activity of all kinds.  We have investigated, negotiated, dealt with emergencies, located and locked up criminals and much more. We have worked the followings kinds of cases:

  • Missing Person
  • Will & Inheritance Fraud
  • Homicide
  • Probate Fraud
  • Estate & Trust Malfeasance
  • Theft
  • Business Fraud
  • Assault
  • Burglary
  • Arson

…and many more.  Come train with us.  

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