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While surveillance can be useful in everything from information gathering to evidence collection, to client safety, very few investigative firms practice it properly.  If you are looking for help with a case or crisis, we will assess the potential to use surveillance as one of many tools.  It is applicable to civil and criminal investigations, as well as fidelity, missing persons, and many others.  All four kinds of surveillance may play a role in your case: static, mobile, foot, and electronic.

private investigator training
private investigator training undercover

Undercover Operations

Often referred to as a “pretext” operations in the private investigation profession, undercover activities can be useful to gather information and evidence relating to your case. Strider has a number of methods and tools for completing undercover missions. The majority of which will not be revealed under any circumstance. Normally only used in major cases, we will discuss its applicability once we have completed our initial evaluation of your case.

Fidelity / Divorce

Many investigators build websites dedicated to “infidelity” cases. Since we’re optimists, we call them “fidelity cases”. Surveilling and catching a cheating husband or wife is doable if that’s what you need to move on. Our experience is that most people know what is happening, they just need the evidence to take the next step in their relationship and personal journey. We offer non-judgmental support and professional investigations that will include a professional report with supporting film or pictures to document what we find.

private investigator training undercover
private investigator training undercover

Missing Persons / Locates

People are surprised to know that the same skills used in surveillance, OSINT, counter-surveillance and S&R (search and rescue) is the most effective combination of tools to locate a missing person fast. Missing Persons cases can be treated as cold (no or limited urgency), medium-threat, and FAST-ACTION. Retainers are non-refundable once we begin.


Counter-Surveillance is the act of determining whether an opposing surveillance is active, assessing it, and/or preventing it’s ability to function. If you believe you or someone you care for is under surveillance, contact us carefully, ideally with a pre-pay phone you have never used before or by borrowing a friend’s phone or email. Whatever challenges you may be facing, Strider has the team and capabilities to solve the challenge

private investigator training undercover
private investigator training undercover

Bug Detection & Spy Cam Assessment

There are a variety of technologies and methods that are available not only to PI’s and law enforcement but also to the average citizen.  Services include “bug sweeps”, camera detection, “bottle neck” checks, phone and computer forensics, as well as vehicle searches and electronic static counter-surveillance checks.

If you feel there is any sort of physical or electronic surveillance on you or your loved ones, please contact us in the most careful manner possible.  It is possible for surveillance equipment to be turned off or removed by opposing actors.  It is also possible for them to change their methods if they are aware you are about to get professionals on your side. 

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In business, in the courts, and on the battlefield, we have dealt with crises and criminal activity of all kinds.  We have investigated, negotiated, dealt with emergencies, located and locked up criminals and much more.  If you have a case in any of the following areas:

  • Will & Inheritance Fraud
  • Probate Fraud
  • Estate & Trust Malfeasance
  • CEO Chicanery
  • Business Fraud
  • M&A Fraud
  • Investment Fraud
  • Securities Fraud
  • Asset Misappropriation
  • Fiduciary Failure

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