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Once your training is complete, you can opt to become any of the following:

surveillance specialist

Surveillance Specialist

A Surveillance Specialist can handle a variety of cases but can also complete surveillance missions for virtually any kind of case.

osint specialist

OSINT Specialist

An OSINT Specialist specializes in investigations and/or intelligence using computers. “OSINT” stands for “Open Source Intelligence”. It includes social media, limited-access databases (only cops and PI’s), court records, deep web searches, and much more.

criminal investigator

Criminal Investigator

This specialty includes such things as: Evidence Identification, Evidence Collection, and Processing, Texas Law, Types of Evidence, Investigative Reports, Criminal Defense Investigations, as well as Investigative Techniques.

undercover operator

Undercover Operator

Undercover Ops can be a game-changer in any investigation, so this work is highly valued. A good undercover operator understands acting, clothing, disguise, how to develop and protect their cover, the use of props, and many more things.


StriderPI’s instructors and former instructors include Texas PI's, FBI Agents, retired Detectives and Police Chiefs, U.S. Marines, U.S. Airmen, former Police Academy instructors, Harvard MBA’s, former Federal Law Enforcement Officers, former APD, NYPD, and LAPD officers and both CFE’s and CPA’s.

Our instructors have had distinguished careers and are now both Texas PI’s and your private investigator trainers.  They do it because they enjoy it and because they want to help the next generation of PI’s to succeed.

become a pi texas
become a pi texas
become a pi texas

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