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Who Can Become a Private Investigator?

If you have thought about becoming a PI for most of your life. If you are curious and like to "look into things".  If you enjoy learning PI skills and even enjoy watching tv shows about it, you might just might have a future as a PI,

One of the biggest challenges for PI's is getting started.  Another big challenge is developing your first marketable skills.  That's why we focus on surveillance first of all. It's not only a marketable skill, it's a foundational skill as well.

No one can predict who will make it as a private investigator.  Anyone from 18 to 80 is eligible who can pass a background test.  Some kinds of professional experience can be helpful.  Aside from the obivious ones of military and police, we have seen new PI's take advantage of all kinds of skill sets and contacts including:

Amazon Driver




Mom (yes moms have lots of usable PI skills)

Sales Professional


Prison Guard

and many more...

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Patriarch of an international conglomerate of 40 companies in 14 countries

“We had over 40 employees and no one could tell me how my company which normally brought in $500k-$1M in annual cash flow, was suddenly losing $500k per year.  Dave’s team figured it out in weeks after painstaking reviews of the books, interviews with key managers, interviews with the accountants and finally floor inspections.  I would have never guessed but Dave figured it out.  The CEO was committing fraud by manipulating inventory.  The value of Dave’s work was easily worth $2M to our family because it led to fixing the problem and returning our enterprise value.”


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