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When To Hire A Private Investigator

If you’re not sure whether to contact us or whether you need a private investigator, think about it like this; Is something going on that is criminal, dangerous, or suspect?  Then you will benefit from talking to a private investigator.

If you have a criminal or civil case or anticipate one, that is the traditional time to hire a private investigator.  Investigators are good at finding facts. Choose one that has experience with your particular situation.

With Strider, you get more than an investigation firm, we are also crisis managers and problems solvers.  So if you have a major problem that relates to a financial crime or if you suspect your assets are in danger, give us a call.


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Patriarch of an international conglomerate of 40 companies in 14 countries

“We had over 40 employees and no one could tell me how my company which normally brought in $500k-$1M in annual cash flow, was suddenly losing $500k per year.  Dave’s team figured it out in weeks after painstaking reviews of the books, interviews with key managers, interviews with the accountants and finally floor inspections.  I would have never guessed but Dave figured it out.  The CEO was committing fraud by manipulating inventory.  The value of Dave’s work was easily worth $2M to our family because it led to fixing the problem and returning our enterprise value.”


Strider Investigations
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