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6 Types of Financial Predators

May 1, 2020

What is a Financial Predator? There are six primary types of financial predators.  Within each type are multiple sub-types that specialize in a particular type of financial crime.  There are also 3 classes which relate to the amount of danger they bring.  Knowing your type will help you address what is happening and protect yourself. […]

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What to Do if Someone Stole Your Inheritance

April 14, 2020

Investigating a Stole Inheritance There are a lot of ways this can happen.  So the first question is how did it happen: Did someone forge the will document? Did the deceased not include you, but they should have? Was probate was closed and you didn’t get a chance to object? There was no will, and […]

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What To Do If You Suspect You’re A Victim of Probate Fraud

April 12, 2020

There are a variety of financial predators that interfere with the legitimate process of probate. They include con artists, caretaker deceivers, family betrayers, and privileged professional predators (Triple P’s).  Each type of financial predator has a particular method and particular position within the probate process. Signs of Probate Fraud Some questions to ask yourself: Could […]

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What To Do If My Trustee Is Stealing From My Trust?

April 10, 2020

If you or someone you care about has a trust, and you believe the trustee may be using it inappropriately or even stealing, there are three important things to do. Gather all of the documentation you have concerning the trust.  This should include: The initial trust formation document Background on the trustee Reports from the […]

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Five Best Ways to Guard Against Financial Predators

April 2, 2020

This blog will sound like I’m paranoid and want you to be.  Exactly!  You’ve heard the expression, “it’s not paranoia when someone actually wants to kill you?”.  Been there, done that.  But that’s another story.  This one is about financial predators and our new motto is “it’s okay to be paranoid about your money because […]

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