3 Keys to Quality Private Investigator Training

Private Investigator Training


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Are you wondering what Strider Private Investigator Training is like?


There are three elements to Private Investigator Training:

  1. There is an online component, which requires you to read and learn the theory of surveillance investigations or undercover work.
  2. Secondly, you will ride with a PI to observe and even help out in the field. I think of this as the thrown-in-the-fire learning method. As long as there's no danger we will use you almost immediately so you can see what real PI work is like.
  3. Finally, and this is the most important component you will be required to complete 25 missions successfully.

Now an investigation is broken down into operations such as nighttime surveillance, and operations are further broken down into missions such as sitting in your car and watching the subject's garage to see if a thief enters.

Three main components to training:

  • Investigation

  • Operations

  • Missions

We found most trainees love our 25 missions because it gives them an opportunity to apply what they've learned, for the online schooling and to see how things work in real situations.

When they get ready to go to interviews, whether it's with another PR agency or a law enforcement agency, or any other kind of organization. They have great stories to tell, after all, they have already done 25 missions.

Okay, so just to be really clear.

First of all, we have online and book study, which allows you to get the theory of investigations or the theory of surveillance, or the theory of undercover operations, depending on what you're focused on.

Number two, live mission support, and that case, you got to watch and learn from a pro you're going to literally be in the car with a private investigator on surveillance while you interview people doing the various things that we do you're going to watch and learn and you'll and you'll also be helping out in some cases.

And then finally, there are the 25 missions. This is where you really learn by doing. You almost always be supervised on these missions, but you'll be doing them on your own. The beauty of that is you get to learn by doing and one thing we figured out is when you make a mistake, the learning has doubled.

Thank you for listening. Give us a call if you want to see if you have what it takes to be a Texas private investigator.


If you are interested in training with STRIDER, please go to StriderPI.com and fill out a contact form or contact the operations desk at (512) 410-9136.