Close Calls

Essential Safety Reading


27 CLOSE CALLS is a groundbreaking book on personal safety for women.  Based on over 1,000 cases of attacks by serial sexual predators, it “inoculates” inexperienced women on just how and when these attacks will occur.  It also gives them tools to “identify, navigate, and deal with it” – the three phases of managing a personal safety situation.

Aside from 1,000 volunteers who bravely shared their stories, over 50 people helped to complete the massive study, the research, and finally the 27 CLOSE CALLS book.  It is truly a work of a community of Hero-Victims, volunteers, retired cops, former Special Operators, and people who just care.

One of our volunteers, a brave single mom, recovered from a gang kidnapping where she was raped, stabbed, and held for hours in a field in Oxnard California, only to be dumped in her front yard after it was over.  She ran our front desk while we did research on serial predators in the field.  Hero.

Within the book you’ll find the new CLOSE CALL METHOD, the 7 primary Safety Situations, and hundreds of ideas, tactics, tricks, and strategies on how to manage personal safety especially relating to violent, sexual attacks.

27 CLOSE CALLS is a game-changer.  It changes the way we think about personal safety – it’s not about victims, but about empowerment and gaining control.  Terms used in the book include “Hero-Victim” instead of “victim”, “predator” instead of “criminal”, and “hero moves” to describe great things women have done to save themselves or others from violence.

If you have a group that would like to learn the Close Call Method™, including as relates to a specific job or activity, contact us for a quote to arrange a zoom training for your group.


We are looking for an Executive Director, an intern, and a fundraiser to join our team and take 27 Close Calls and the Close Call Academy to the next level. Please contact us by writing a letter with your goals and background and/or providing a resume.

Work has already begun on 14 CLOSE CALLS for college women. Eventually, we want to create books for every social and demographic group:

• Parents and Children
• Young Men
• Seniors, Male and Female
• Black Men
• Hispanic Men
• High School Students
• Real Estate Agents
• Massage Therapists
• Prostitutes

And many more. Everyone has a different threat matrix and
Everyone Deserves to be Safe™.