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Texas Private Investigator Training

We provide the best, in-person, private investigator training in Texas.

StriderPI was created specifically to train new PI's to become licensed, private investigators in Texas. Become a private investigator by applying today!

Having trouble finding a reputable source for private investigation training and certification? Strider PI offers several options. We have extensive experience in each area and bring you instructors with real-world experience who work side by side with you on active cases. There is no other private investigator certification program that offers this level of training to their clients.

"It was difficult to get started as a P.I. Once I arrived at Strider Private Investigator Training (which we call "SPIT" for fun), it was incredible.  From the moment we arrived, it was pretty much live-action the whole time. We worked a real case as a team. Right then I knew, this was the career I wanted.  Today I am a full-time surveillance investigator in Dallas." - Bryan (Strider Class #7A)

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Whenever possible, we work real cases with students. We recommend taking Surveillance 101 and OSINT Investigations 201 together because they represent the first two fundamentals of private investigations.

Before school starts, students are sent videos on the theory, practices, and terms of their course.   This way students can focus on learning by doing when they arrive. For example, learning to read a case file, planning surveillance, locating a subject online, and more. 

After school, we recommend students complete 100 hours of fieldwork which has three benefits:

1. It’s a great way to meet local PIs,

2. It allows one to immediately practice the skills learned in the course


3. You just may get a job!

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Best In-Person Private Investigator Training in Texas!


StriderPI’s instructors and former instructors include Texas PI's, former FBI Agents, retired Detectives and Police Chiefs, military veterans, former Police Academy instructors, former APD, NYPD, and LAPD officers, CFE's, and more!

Our instructors have had distinguished careers and are now both Texas PI’s and your private investigator trainers.  They do it because they enjoy it and because they want to help the next generation of PI’s to succeed.

Class Ratios:

We maintain a ratio of 7 students to one instructor to give each future PI the opportunity to ask as many questions as you need.  We also provide a number of resources you can access after the course in order to get the most out of your time with us.

You can be a Texas Private Investigator - Join the mission

From Our Former Clients

All of us at Strider PI have worked as PI's doing thousands of cases.  This is what some of our former clients had to say.

“I had been arrested for check fraud, but someone else forged the signature and changed the beneficiary on the check.  STRIDER proved it and the DA dropped the charges.”

“Mr. Amis pulled my 15 y.o. missing daughter out of an apartment with two men.  And he found her in 4 hours!  I couldn’t believe how fast he got it done.  Whatever he says to do, just do it. His people are the pros.”

“I sat in jail for eight (expletive) months on attempted murder. Those security guards tried to murder me!  STRIDER showed how it wasn’t possible and the DA dropped all charges.  I was free.”

“I couldn’t believe how fast they found the fraud, the criminal in my own organization.  Saved me a lot of $. Probably saved the company too.”

“I had my law enforcement credentials stolen from a restaurant in Los Angeles. The STRIDER team found them in 48 hours and gave the subjects two options: return the wallet, creds and credit cards to the local PD, or we're coming to you.  I had them back by 10am next day.”


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private investigator training courses texas

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private investigator training courses texas


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