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If you need a Financial Crimes Investigator, you're in the right place.  We specialize in fraud, recovery of stolen items, surveillance, and undercover operations.

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 What our clients say...

  "I had $200M at risk in a fraudulent contract. StriderPI located over 140GB of financial transactions that showed just what my partner had been doing."              "When I lost $32,000 in identity fraud, the police were too busy.  So I called StriderPI.  They found the   and contacted them in 35 miunutes.  I couldnt' believe it."         "My wallet was stolen from a restaurant.  StriderPi located the theives and got it back - in 72 hours."

"If you're a victim of theft, fraud, or robbery, call the police and file a crime report.  But if they don't have time for you, call us.  We'll find the perpetrators, issue a report, and facilitate a hand-over to the right agency.  We've worked with all of them and we're good at this."

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We have one of the best financial crimes teams in the country. We can start with an assessment or take the case immediately.

When a major case is brought to us, we start by whiteboarding.  Then we make a plan that can include anything from OSINT to surveillance to undercover operations. We are very open-minded and aggressive investigators with a track record of success.  If you want the best team for your financial investigation or recovery, call us.


Best Financial Crimes Investigators in Austin!

We specialize first and foremost in major financial crimes relating to inheritance, wills, probate, theft, M&A, trusts, estates, and both business and personal transactions.  In certain situations, we can facilitate the return of lost or stolen assets. We also provide private investigator training in surveillance, OSINT, and criminal investigations.

Before focusing on financial crimes, all of our investigators worked in a vareity of fields from business, law enforcement, big data, research, military, and many more.

We have worked thousands of cases including everything from missing persons, arson, murder, kidnapping, real estate fraud, computer fraud, theft, public corruption, and many more.

private investigator training courses texas


Strider’s instructors and former instructors include Texas PI's, former CEO’s, U.S. Marines, U.S. Airmen, Harvard MBA’s, criminal-defense attorneys, former Federal Law Enforcement Officers, former APD, NYPD and LAPD officers and both CFE’s and CPA’s.  We have a support network through professional organizations such as TALI, Ivy League Alumni, big-city police departments, and premium Texas PI firms.

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Financial Predators (our specialty)

No asset is too big or too complicated to be the target of financial predators.  Any scheme you can imagine – is possible.  Don’t underestimate what a financial predator might do, including using violence.

We have seen theft of the elderly by trusted domestic help, CEO’s and bookkeepers who exaggerated profits and assets, guardians who murdered their patient and then forged their will, live-in partners who stole assets that should have gone to the partner’s children and much more.  Financial predators are tough to deal with, but they are our specialty.  Let us handle them for you.

If you’re unsure whether you are a victim, or if you are about to be, give us a call and we’ll talk through it with you.  Even if you don’t have the expertise in dealing with criminals and predators that we do. If your instincts are telling you something is wrong, it probably is.

Financial Predators Have an Edge…and a Weakness

It’s likely that your predator has done this before and planned it out carefully.  Meanwhile, it’s your first time.  So aside from an experiential and skill advantage, they’re also ahead of you time-wise.

That’s a lot of catching up to do.

When you put Strider on the job, we begin to nullify these advantages for you.  There are three primary methods:

1. Professional investigations that document past activity

2. Surveillance that captures current activities and identifies associates, and

3. Undercover operations to find assets, evidence and intentions.

Which of these would help address your situation?

When you put us on the job, we will shorten the timeline to a result.  We will help you win.

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Financial & Business Investigations

At the top of the predator food chain are the financial and business predators who know how to cook the books, reroute funds, and manipulate both people and systems.  If you have one, take immediate action.

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Probate and Will Investigations

Probate is an especially risky time for estates as roommates, current partners, household help and even neighbors might help themselves to the possessions of the decedent.  Predators have taken estate assets, modified wills, and defrauded beneficiaries.

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Transition & Estate Risk Management

Transitions are ripe opportunities for financial predators; death-in-the-family, firings, selling a business, transporting valuables and more. Estates need a guardian during these transitions as predators are usually aware and watching.

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Crisis Problem-Solving

Crises come in all forms and most families do not have contingency plans.  Objective, outside professionals can be a game-changer no matter how bad things look. We are those professionals.

private investigator training courses texas

Trust Malfeasance

Trustees do not go through a training or certification process.  They do not have any educational or professional requirements.  Therefore, trusts are especially vulnerable to chicanery.

private investigator training courses texas

Executive Fiduciary Failure

CEO’s and other executives enjoy a fair amount of independence and power.  When they go bad, it’s hard to detect.  When looking at potential executive fraud, we’ll have at least one former CEO on the investigative team.


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From Our Former Clients

All of us at Strider PI have worked as PI's doing thousands of cases.  This is what some of our former clients had to say.

“I had been arrested for check fraud, but someone else forged the signature and changed the beneficiary on the check.  STRIDER proved it and the DA dropped the charges.”

“Mr. Amis pulled my 15 y.o. missing daughter out of an apartment with two men.  And he found her in 4 hours!  I couldn’t believe how fast he got it done.  Whatever he says to do, just do it. His people are the pros.”

“I sat in jail for eight (expletive) months on attempted murder. Those security guards tried to murder me!  STRIDER showed how it wasn’t possible and the DA dropped all charges.  I was free.”

“I couldn’t believe how fast they found the fraud, the criminal in my own organization.  Saved me a lot of $. Probably saved the company too.”

“I had my law enforcement credentials stolen from a restaurant in Los Angeles. The STRIDER team found them in 48 hours and gave the subjects two options: return the wallet, creds and credit cards to the local PD, or we're coming to you.  I had them back by 10am next day.”


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